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AGE Design HiLo Chair

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Meet the brand new HiLo kids chair! A colorful, duo-height kids chair that combines contemporary design with simplicity and functionality. Designed by AGE Design, creator of modern, intelligently designed children's products.

It is very easy to switch from one chair function to another as there are no screws to adjust or pieces to take apart.
To change from Hi (baby chair) to Lo (kid chair) just pull out the two aluminum buttons on each side of the chair simultaneously, push the seat forward and tilt upright.
When your child is a bit older and you are using the Lo (kid chair) position, there is a convenient footrest at your child's disposal.
No screws to take apart
Takes 3 seconds to switch position
Feedback sound when the locking position is "on" High position: is ideal for sliding, barstool-style, under kitchen island counters
Low position: the booster seat fits neatly under the edge of a standard dining table.

The extra resistant nylon wheels make it easy to move the chair around.
Gently grip the tray with one hand, tilt the chair slightly backwards and pull to move.
No blocking system required
Easy on the wooden floors
Elegant detail

While designing the seat, we carefully studied the anthropometric data (body shape) of children between 6 months and 6 years old, because we believe their seating needs to be very different.
That's how we came up with the duo function solution which offers comfortable seating for both babies and older children.
Easy to clean surface
Non-slippery surface
Perfect 12° seat angle

The design and shape of the armrests help keep your child securely seated as they make it difficult to lean outwards.
Armrest are securing the child In high position it increases chair's stability
In low position, when the chair serves as a booster, armrest are enveloping the child and prevent falling

The chair legs are foldable in order to minimize storage space.
Beech solid wood parts 1-inch thickness 4 ply of water based varnish
Metallic insert (cross-dowel) for durable structure

Removing the tray is easy.
Just pull the small coated fabric tabs up and over the aluminum fasteners, and then slide the tray off.
We opted for coated fabric tabs for increased tear and crack resistance.
No complex mechanism that can brake
No cracks where food can stick
Unbreakable laminated fabric material tabs
Resistant aluminum button As easy as fastening a pair of jeans

The tray lip keeps liquid on the tray and reduces the risk of things tumbling down. (If your child has decided to throw broccoli, he will though)
Tray has a soft depression to prevent liquid falling on the child.
Tray surface easily washable with soft soapy water
Soft touch tray surface SBS material with soft plastic lip
No phthalates or lead

To help keep baby put we designed and incorporated a clever crotch bar to the tray.
Soft molded shape ABS resistant material Attached to the tray

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